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Three Ways To Incorporate Live Music Into Your Wedding Ceremony

by Abbie Lawson

The right music can go a long way toward augmenting the ambiance of your wedding ceremony. A lot of people play recorded music during this portion of their special day, and while there are advantages to this idea, there can be something appealing about live music. If you're interested in including some live music in your wedding ceremony, there are lots of different options for you to consider. Here are three ideas that may appeal to you.

Guests Singing

It's worthwhile to consider the comfort that many of your guests may have with singing. If you belong to a church and many of your wedding guests are either in the church choir or are used to singing during services, it may be desirable to have the gathered group sing during your ceremony. You can provide the music in your program and have your officiant tell the group that everyone is invited to sing — but that there's no pressure for those who do not wish to join in. Whether you're at an outdoor or indoor venue, the voices of several of your guests can be a touching part of your ceremony.

Friend Performing

If you have a friend who is a talented musician, you may wish to invite them to perform during the ceremony. They could play an instrument, sing with a backing track, or perhaps even sing while playing an instrument. The friend could perform during the processional or recessional, or perhaps even at a key point in the ceremony. A gentle instrumental track on an acoustic guitar, a ballad on a piano keyboard, or some other type of performance can add a special touch to your wedding ceremony.

Band Performing

Another option for you to consider is hiring a live band to play during your wedding ceremony. A lot of people have live bands perform at their receptions, providing gentle music during the meal and more lively music when it's time to get on the dance floor. If you're thinking about hiring a band for the reception, you may wish to have it performed during the ceremony, too. Professional wedding musicians can often play all sorts of music that can suit any type of ceremony. If the band that you plan to hire for your reception doesn't play the type of music that you want at your ceremony, there's nothing wrong with hiring a second band for the ceremony if doing so is within your budget.

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