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The Benefits Of Opting For A Waterfront Wedding Venue

by Abbie Lawson

Are you planning a wedding in the near future and thinking about different venue choices? Whether you've always loved being outside in the sunshine, have an emotional attachment to the local lake or river, or just enjoy a really good view, there are a variety of reasons why you might want to consider booking your wedding or reception at a waterfront wedding venue. Here are some of the benefits that such a venue can provide.

The Pictures Will Be Amazing

One of the timeless keepsakes of any wedding celebration is the photo album. When you book your wedding or the reception on the waterfront, the opportunity for perfect photographs will be endless. Take your wedding party right down by the water to use it as the background for some amazing shots. The water and perhaps the sunset over the horizon will make for a great backdrop for the rest of your photos throughout the day and evening as well. If you want your wedding to be picture-perfect, a waterfront venue can make it happen.

Enjoy Waterfront Activities Before or After the Party

Waterfront venues typically make use of the water to help guests enjoy a variety of fun activities. If this is a destination wedding, fly your family and friends in early so you can all enjoy some fun in the sun along the water before the big day. Conversely, it might allow some of your guests to stay in the area and enjoy the water activities, even after the wedding is over and the bride and groom are off for their honeymoon. A waterfront venue is a great way for your entire family to come together and form some great memories that will always be connected with your big day.

A Waterfront Venue May Allow For an Open-Air Event to Make Your Wedding Safer During the Pandemic

A wedding venue that allows the wedding party and guests to use a body of water as a backdrop will likely have the option to set up a reception or event that is at least partially if not completely outdoors. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed many weddings across the country, but if your guests are vaccinated, you may feel safer about pressing on with an outdoor venue. It's been said that COVID may not spread as easily in an open-air environment as opposed to having dozens or hundreds of people enclosed in an indoor space. Regardless, you will still want to use precautions, of course, but a waterfront venue with outdoor or open-air options can at least give you some better peace of mind.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for waterfront wedding venues.