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Why Can It Take So Long To Choose A Wedding Dress?

by Abbie Lawson

Unless a wedding involves spontaneously eloping to Las Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator, chances are that there will be a reasonable amount of time between popping the question and the big day. On average, American couples take 15 months from becoming engaged to walking down the aisle. This should give you more than enough time to choose the perfect wedding dress. But realistically, how long is this going to take?

As Much Time As Possible

Once you decide to start looking for a dress, maybe you'll walk into the nearest wedding dress boutique and fall in love with the first gown you see. This would make life easier, but it's unlikely to play out this way. If possible, allow a year to arrange your dress. This permits several months to actually find a dress, along with a number of months for any alterations or customizations. 


These alterations are generally essential. While you might be fortunate to buy a dress off the rack, your finished wedding dress will have far more detail than when you first saw it in the boutique. At a minimum, subtle alterations will be made to ensure the best possible fit, resulting in a dress that accentuates the contours of your body. The length will also be altered so that the hem just brushes against the ground, concealing your shoes without making you trip. 


Additional customizations can be more transformative, and this is important to remember when you might initially feel that a dress is too basic. It can be made far more detailed by adding straps, beading (or stoning), or an appliqué, not to mention the train (and the bustle that will support that train). Many of these customizations are made to order, which is why you need as much time as your preparations allow.

Theme and Venue

Obviously, a significant part of your wedding preparations will involve selecting a venue. How does this affect your wedding dress? It's beneficial if your dress matches your venue, to a certain point. Essentially, if you should end up being married at a countryside venue with a rustic atmosphere, it's helpful if your dress isn't too divergent from the venue. Likewise, be careful of introducing a theme to your wedding at any stage during your planning, and if you do, be sure that the theme fits your dress, just as well as your dress fits you.

The takeaway is to be sure that you allow as much time as you can to choose your wedding dress and have it modified. You should also be sure that your venue and theme doesn't clash with the look you've carefully created. If you're ready to start looking for your wedding dress, visit a wedding dress boutique in your area like The Steel Magnolia.