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Four Tips for Hosting a Blissful Virtual Wedding

by Abbie Lawson

Whether you need to have a socially-distanced wedding or you can't afford to have a large event, a virtual celebration can be a wonderful way to include all your friends and family on your special day. A virtual wedding combines the in-person experience while still inviting guests to observe the event from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some tips you can use to make this special day perfect for your wedding party, in-person guests, and at-home celebrants. 

Hire an Experienced Videographer

While many videographers know how to capture footage to create a stunning wedding video, they may not all have experience with shooting live-streamed events. Interview different companies to determine their level of experience and how they plan to cover all the important moments. You may choose to have several cameras set up to provide footage of everything from your walk down the aisle to crowd reactions of your first kiss. Make sure your video company can meet your expectations for live-streaming these important parts of your wedding day.

Send At-Home Viewing Boxes

To help guests watching from home feel like part of your special day, consider putting together at-home viewing boxes. These packages might include programs for the wedding, favors from the reception, and a handwritten note of thanks. You can also get creative with this idea by sending out tablets for viewing the wedding, if your budget allows for this. A more budget-friendly alternative might be to have power banks customized with your names and wedding date. These portable batteries can be used to keep tablets or smartphones powered up throughout the ceremony. Be sure to include a detailed list of instructions for signing in to view the wedding to help ensure everyone can watch.

Let Guests Know About the Cameras

Guests might expect for a videographer to be present for filming the wedding video, but they may not be prepared to have their actions viewed live throughout the event. Making an announcement before the ceremony begins can be helpful for in-person guests, as they can be more conscious of staying away from the cameras if they choose. You may even find that guests are on their best behavior if they know the couple's grandparents are watching from home.

Set Up a Reception Camera

You may not need to stream the entire reception, but at-home guests may want to see the toasts and first dances. Consider setting up a static camera at the reception with an invitation for in-person guests to say hello. These greetings can help fill the gap between the dinner and cake-cutting portions of the evening to help your at-home viewers remain engaged during the reception.