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Types Of Wedding Reception Venues That Offer All-Inclusive Packages

by Abbie Lawson

If you're planning a wedding reception on a tight budget, consider purchasing an all-include venue package. Not only will the packages most likely save you money, but they'll also offer added convenience.

Another benefit of going with a wedding reception venue package is that you'll save time, which is important when you have other factors, such as finding the perfect dress and compiling the guest list, to consider. Venue packages act as a "one-stop-shop" when planning your dream wedding reception.

Choosing to go the all-inclusive package route will also help you narrow down venue selections when you have too many good options. For instance, if you can't decide between two ideal indoor or outdoor venues, pick the one that offers the added services as well.

While wedding venue packages are perfect for local receptions, they can come in especially handy for out-of-town or "destination" weddings. When you aren't familiar with a specific location's event rental companies, bakeries, caterers, and other wedding service providers, choosing the best ones to fit your needs can seem daunting. A reception venue offering a package deal will make the process much smoother and easier since you won't have to do your own research.

Here are some types of venues that may offer all-inclusive wedding reception packages.

1. Country Clubs 

If you can't decide if you want an indoor or outdoor wedding reception space, you won't have to settle on just one with a country club venue. Most clubs offer the outside grounds for picture-taking purposes and possibly even dining and dancing under the stars. Guests may have the chance to mix and mingle in a sophisticated ballroom as well as a patio overlooking manicured lawns.

Many country clubs also offer all-inclusive packages, including event furniture, catering, and beverage services. In some cases, decorations may be offered, but you can also customize the look of the space with your own personal decor items, such as table centerpieces, floral arrangements, and possibly even lighting elements.

2. Hotels and Resorts 

Additional types of event venues that offer both indoor and outdoor space, as well as all-inclusive packages, are hotels and resorts. In addition to handling the catering and rental furniture and decor for you, you and your guests may also enjoy the use of the property's pool if available. 

Most hotels and resorts have onsite audio and visual equipment, which will come in handy for heartfelt picture presentations or speeches. They may also offer room blocks at a discount for guests traveling from out of town. 

For more information, contact a company that offers wedding venue packages.