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Nature-Inspired Wedding Reception Venues

by Abbie Lawson

If you're holding your wedding at a beautiful time of year, such as the warm summer or the early autumn months, an outdoor reception is a possibility. You can either choose a nature-inspired venue near your home or plan a destination wedding to a far-flung location, depending on your desires. 

No matter what your wedding budget is, you'll be about to find an outdoor reception venue that fits you and your spouse-to-be's needs. From rustic, public spaces to casually elegant locations, you'll have no shortage of venues from which to choose. If you're planning on having a nature-inspired destination, such as a tropical island, make sure that your important guests and wedding party will be able to make it in advance. 

Another thing to consider when holding a wedding reception in nature is the possibility of inclement weather. Be prepared to keep your friends and family members safe and dry in the event of a storm by erecting a rental tent on the venue property. In some cases, the outdoor venue will also include an indoor facility, or at least a covered pavilion or gazebo, in the price. 

Here are some creative, nature-inspired wedding reception venues to consider as you plan your big day:

1. Zoo

A zoo may be an animal-loving couple's dream reception venue, as it will allow guests to mix and mingle with each other as well as the wild residents. Many zoos offer a private event space where you can serve the food, cut the cake, and open presents. 

Holding your wedding reception at a zoo will give the event a fun, whimsical feel, which will please guests of all ages. The animal exhibits and natural spaces will also provide the ideal backdrops for unforgettable photos.

2. Apple Orchard or Vineyard 

If you want your reception to have a rustic, homespun appeal, you can't go wrong with an apple orchard or vineyard venue. An apple orchard is perfect during the fall months when the trees are changing colors and are full of fruit. Although vineyards peak during the spring and summer months, you can typically rent event space throughout the year. 

Guests may be able to partake in some of the typical fall activities, such as hayrides, at an orchard, while vineyards may open their tasting rooms for wine samples as a unique twist on usual reception festivities. Both locations can provide picturesque nature-themed wedding photo backdrops. 

For more information on nature-inspired wedding venues, contact a company like Mystical Rose Gardens, LLC.