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Professional Wedding Planner Tips For Finding The Right Wedding Chapel For Your Big Day

by Abbie Lawson

If you have recently become engaged, then congratulations are in order! While you may be tempted to sit back and enjoy your newly-engaged status for a while, the truth is you really do need to start looking for a chapel or other wedding venue as soon as possible. Your venue will set the stage for your entire celebration, and many wedding chapels must be booked months or even years in advance. To help you find the best wedding chapel for your big day, here are some professional wedding planner tips:

Tip: Start Your Search Online from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Rather than going out to see lots of wedding chapels in person and wearing yourself out, start your search online from the comfort of your own home or office. Wedding chapels all have websites today and their websites often contain information you can use to narrow down your selection.

For example, you can use published price lists to exclude chapels that are too expensive for your budget, and online reservation calendars will show if your wedding date is available or not without your having to call.

Tip: Give Potential Venues a Call and Ask Some Questions

Once you have a list of potential venues from your online research, then you should give each one a quick call and ask about:

  • the availability of the chapel on your wedding date
  • the prices for basic services
  • any additional services they offer

It is important to note, your purpose in calling isn't only for the above information, but also to check out the chapel's customer service skills. As someone approaching their business for the first time, it is important they treat you well and are courteous. If you get an answering machine and no one calls you back in a reasonable amount of time, then look elsewhere.

Tip: Do Some Quick Drive-bys and Check Out the Overall Area

Once you've found some potential chapels, take a drive over to each one and check out the neighborhood where they are located. Even the nicest chapel might end up being located in an area without enough parking, or it might have other undesirable qualities you just can't deduce by only looking at their website's photos. A quick drive-by will help you eliminate those you don't like because of these factors without wasting your time taking a tour.

Finally, if you like the area and have had a good overall impression of a wedding chapel, then give them a call and schedule a tour.

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