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Host An Informal Country Wedding Reception On Your Farmland

by Abbie Lawson

If you and your significant other are farmers and are tying the knot in the near future, hold your wedding reception on your farmland and provide your friends and family with a a unique perspective of your daily lifestyle with the following tips. As a result, you and your mate will feel comfortable in your own surroundings while enjoying a memorable reception. 

A Grand Entrance With Farm Animals

Select some of your farm animals to use in an impromptu parade as you greet guests at your reception. Secure a harness around goats, cows, sheep, or any other livestock that you wish to use. Line the sides of your property with ropes that are secured to sturdy objects. Decorate the border with floral bouquets that are made from flowers that are growing on your property.

If you own a couple horses and you and your spouse are experienced riders, adorn the animals with fancy saddles and ride them during the grand entrance. Once you greet your guests, allow them to get to know your animals by providing them with a brief history of their lives and a description of the benefits that they provide your farm with.

Country Style Buffet

Hire a caterer to prepare and serve a country style buffet. When selecting food items for the reception, envision items that are regularly served at outdoor barbecues and picnics. Classics such as fried chicken, barbecue ribs, potato salad, and fresh vegetables are some items that you may want to add to the menu and that people of all ages will enjoy.

Request that the food items are stored inside of shallow pans that are lined up along picnic tables. Supply your guests with disposable dinnerware, utensils, and napkins and invite everyone to relax while sitting at patio tables or on a blanket underneath a tree while they enjoy their meals. 

Local Entertainment 

Contact some local entertainment venues to inquire about hiring a singer, instrument player, or dancer for the reception. If you aren't satisfied with the selection of entertainers that you are provided with, ask talented family members and friends if they would like to perform at the reception. A variety of informal acts will intrigue your guests and assist with keeping them in a celebratory frame of mind.

Create a makeshift dance floor by laying large wooden planks on a flat surface. Outline the dance floor with temporary fencing that has strings of lights secured to it. Host a dance contest and allow plenty of time for people to show off their unique moves.