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3 Features to Look for When Choosing a Company to Buy Your Wedding Dress From

by Abbie Lawson

Ready to start shopping for a wedding dress but not sure which company to buy from? Taking the time to compare a few options to one another should offer you the insight you need to figure out which business is likely to meet your needs and expectations overall. Here are a few features to look for that should help you find the perfect wedding shop for your needs:

Personalized Fitting Sessions

One of the most important features to look for when choosing a place to buy your wedding dress from is that availability of personalized fitting sessions. Trying dresses on in a room full of other soon-to-be brides can be distracting and stressful, so you should be able schedule a personal fitting session with a professional that can help you find the perfect design, cut, and size of dress for your specific preferences. Nobody else will be around, and you'll be able to pay full attention to your dress hunt.

Last-Minute Alterations

While your wedding dress might fit perfectly a week or two before the actual wedding, you may find that it ends up needing some small alterations after trying it on for the last time a day or two before the nuptials. Whether due to weight gain or loss, a bit of bloating, or even hormonal changes, it might be necessary to take your dress in or let it out a little – or maybe alter the sleeves by half an inch. Instead of sucking it up and wearing the dress as-is, you should be able to take it in to the place where you bought it for last-minute alterations. Make sure that the facility you shop at offers this service before committing to making any purchases.

Preservation Services

Another feature to look for when choosing a company to buy your dress from is preservation services. When the wedding is said and done, and you want to keep your dress safe to serve as memorabilia for the years to come, the dress needs to be preserved in a way that protects it from mold, mildew, staining, and natural damage as the years' pass. The company you buy your wedding dress from should be able to preserve it after your wedding by cleaning it, treating it with special sprays, and packing it in materials that will keep it intact for decades.

These are a few of the most important features you should be looking for when deciding where to shop for your wedding dress.