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Having A Memorable Wedding Cake: 3 Different Types Of Designs That Will Wow Your Guests

by Abbie Lawson

Having a beautiful, multi-tiered wedding cake at your wedding is tradition and really wraps up the entire ceremony. Most couples spent an average of $466 on their wedding cake in 2014, and in some cities, like New York, a wedding cake could cost well over $1,200. Since you're basically spending a fortune on your wedding cake, it's not unusual to go shopping around in order to find cakes that not only appeal to your taste buds, but to your eyes. If you're sick of seeing plain and boring wedding cakes, consider asking the baker to add the following 3 different types of design elements.

Get Dreamy Hues Using a Watercolor Print Effect

If you've always loved dreamy looking wedding cakes and pastel colors, then having a watercolor print effect splattered or painted on the sides of your wedding cake might be just what you're looking for. This effect looks beautiful when paired with fresh or sugar flowers. The dreamy hues are created by dry-brushing powdered food coloring onto fondant. The powdered food coloring will not affect the taste of the cake at all.

It's almost impossible to perfectly recreate a specific design for your wedding cake, but most bakers can give you something similar. All you need to do is choose the color scheme that best matches your wedding. Pastel pinks, blues, and purples are a favorite among couples.

Have a Luxurious Finish with Edible Gold

Not everyone wants a princess-themed wedding; some couples might want to celebrate their wedding day with as much luxury as possible. In these cases, you and your soon-to-be spouse should look for bakers that work with edible gold. Edible specks of gold can transform the entire wedding cake and will make a great background for more elaborate designs that might be added overtop.

A really popular idea is to use edible gold to add verses of romantic poems directly onto the surface of the wedding cake. If you would like a cake with romantic verses etched onto the surface, you'll need to be particularly picky in choosing a baker that excels in calligraphy. Their skills in calligraphy will have a profound impact on the overall wedding cake finish.

Apply Royal Icing on Each Tier Using Custom Stencils

Another creative idea that will make your wedding cake look a lot more elegant is to apply royal icing using a stencil. Wedding cakes embellished with glamorous and extravagant chandelier patterns are particularly popular. This design will complement weddings that focus on incorporating a lot of lace and elaborate patterns. In general, it's best if each tier of the wedding cake has its own pattern. It's also important to not go overboard with the design, as royal icing can be quite sweet, and you don't want it to overpower the cake.

The baker will need to custom create the stencils for your wedding cake ahead of time. To make sure you end up with a wedding cake you adore, spend some time discussing ideas with the baker. Make sure you make a final approval before the wedding day and that the baker is willing to create a miniature sample of how the wedding cake is going to look like.


The wedding cake is, at times, the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony. It should not only delicious, but also beautiful in order for it to be memorable. As a result, you and your soon-to-be spouse should definitely shop around with various bakers in order to find a design and a cake type that suits both of your tastes. The wedding cake should speak to both of you.