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10 Ways To Spend The Time And Money You Can Save By Using A Wedding Chapel Package

by Abbie Lawson

The cost of weddings in the United States is continuing to rise, with the average wedding costing $31,213. Many financially frugal couples are looking for ways to cut costs while not sacrificing the intimacy and extravagance of their special day. One way to cut costs is to hire a wedding chapel to create your wedding. Since wedding chapels are designed to host weddings, you will often be able to rent a nicely decorated chapel and any extra services you want to add for a lower price than if you hire each vendor and venue on your own. You will also save time planning. 

How much money and time can a wedding chapel package save? 

The price of a chapel package can vary, based on which services you want included and which chapel you book with. For example, at chapels in Las Vegas you can get married in a simple ceremony costing $40 or an extravagant ceremony costing $20,000. The real savings in booking a wedding chapel come from being able to set an exact budget, let the chapel organizer know your budget, and not unexpectedly going over it. 

You can also save time when planning with a wedding chapel. This is because instead of vetting each of your vendors, you will often have a much smaller selection of pre-approved vendors to choose from. This can greatly reduce stress for some couples, but if you have very specific desires for your wedding, you may not be able to choose a wedding package. 

Five Better Ways to Spend the Money You Saved 

If you are still uncertain about whether a pre-selected package wedding is worth the money you will save, consider these five things that you could do with $20,000. 

  • Have a Destination Wedding. If you only want to invite your closest family and friends, you could fly to a unique destination to have your wedding, and you could foot the bill for your friends' plane tickets. 
  • Put a Down-payment on a House. A family home can last a lifetime and beyond whereas a wedding is a single day. 
  • Buy a Family Car. You can prepare for kids by upgrading to a new vehicle. 
  • Go on an Extended Honeymoon. You can enjoy your spouse by planning a long road trip, cruise, or backpacking trip. 
  • Donate to Your Favorite Charity. Instead of a single day of extravagance, consider helping others in need. 

Five Better Ways to Spend the Time You Saved 

How much time you will save when you select a wedding chapel package depends on how many of the details you are willing to entrust to the chapel's wedding coordinator. However, even with just a few more stress-free hours, you can enjoy the following activities: 

  • Couples Counseling Before the Wedding. Instead of arguing over flower arrangements, go to couples counseling to build tools for a healthy marriage. 
  • Get in Shape for the Big Day. Instead of running around town, go for a relaxing jog and get fit to look great on your wedding day. 
  • Spend Time With Your Friends. Many couples spend less time with their friends after they are married. Take the time you would have spent planning your wedding and instead enjoy your last months as a single person. 
  • Take a Class. Instead of arranging vendors, take a cooking or financial planning class to prepare for your future. 
  • Make a Time Capsule. Gather items with your significant other that remind you of your relationship and bury them to be dug up on your fiftieth anniversary. 

A wedding chapel can provide a variety of services and packages that accommodate different budgets. However, if you are willing to select a less extravagant package and let the chapel do the planning, you may find that the time and money you save on your wedding services can start your marriage off right.